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I'm your Game Designer at Able Apes, I live in California. My favorite video games have been puzzles, RTS, and CCG. I love mobile games and SciFi. Thanks for stopping by!

Cosmic Brawl Kickstarter Canceled, Game Paused

Hey! After much thought and debate, we've made our final decision. Kickstarter Canceled, Game Paused It's clear our Kickstarter is doing quite poorly. As a result, we've decided to cancel the Kickstarter. Along with this - development of Cosmic Brawl is also paused indefinitely. I'm not a big fan of long post-mortems, so I won't bore you with one :)

Kickstarter – Dates, Early Bird, FAQs

Start your engines! :) Excited to let you know our Kickstarter will start on Tues, Apr. 10th. Here are the details. Kickstarter Dates/Times Starts Tues, Apr. 10th @ 10:30 AM PDT Add to your calendar Start time in your timezone Cosmic Brawl Kickstarter starts in: Duration 21 Days. So the Kickstarter will end on May 1st.

Kickstarter Proposal

Hey! Great reception from the community for our pricing model proposal last week. As a result, I'm happy to share two things in this post - the new pricing model, and a proposal for our Kickstarter. New Pricing Model Check out this wiki article for details on our new pricing model. Kickstarter Proposal Here's

Proposal – Pricing Model for Cosmic Brawl

Update: Based on the awesome suggestions from the community in the comments to this post, we've defined a new pricing model. As explained in last week's post - in order for Cosmic Brawl development to continue, we have to define a new pricing model that meets the following criteria: We must have a clear pricing model – and players should get

Poll Results. And a Major Announcement!

Kickstarter Poll Results Around 750 players (out of around 30,000 players in our list) voted "Yes" or "Maybe" on whether they'll support our hypothetical Kickstarter. Bad news: Only 750 players said they'd consider supporting our Kickstarter. Good news: 750 players said they'd consider supporting it! :) So, we have a nice base of potential supporters to build the foundation for Cosmic Brawl. We won't be doing

The Case Against “No RNG”

As you probably know, one of the top reasons we're making Cosmic Brawl is to give you a card game that's more about skill and less about RNG. This leads to an obvious question: Shouldn't we eliminate all RNG? Then the game can be entirely about skill and not luck? The short answer is "No!" :) Read on

Cosmic Brawl – Gameplay Demo Video!

Community Contributions in This Video Who? What? Michael Duncan Resource Mechanic Nickolas vig AKA TidXbiT Voiceovers Draco Murdock Keyword Naming So what do you think about the video?! I'd really like to know - post a comment, it's easy...

Reveal: The Races!

Hey! As promised last week, I'm happy to reveal to you the races in Cosmic Brawl. Three Races First things first! There are just 3 races in Cosmic Brawl 😯 Omni Sol Naarg Read on for details... Omni Omni is a race of sentient

Our Game Has a New Name!

Whatsup! As you know, we ran a poll to pick the final name for our new card game. Our community has voted for... drumroll please!! Cosmic Brawl I'd like to thank everyone who voted, including those who voted for the other names. As you saw in my email, everyone who voted will get a small in-game reward! 🙂 Detailed Poll

Let’s Name Our Game!

Hey! Over the past few weeks we've shared our card design, game art and main screen. Now it's time for us to pick a new name for our game :) Reward If you submit the winning name, you'll get these awesome rewards: Your name listed in the Credits section of the game client! Crystals