About Michael Shrivathsan

I'm your Game Designer at Able Apes, I live in California. My favorite video games have been puzzles, RTS, and CCG. I love mobile games and SciFi. Thanks for stopping by!

Reveal: Main Screen!

Whatsup! As promised, I'm sharing our "Main" screen design - check it out and let me know what you think!! :) BTW, as I explained in last week's post, we're intentionally going for a "Cartoony" look. And I've also annotated a couple of sections below. Virtual Currencies League,

Reveal: Game Poster!

Whatsup guys! As promised here's our game poster, I'm stoked to reveal it!! :) Races Our game will have unique Races (like Classes, etc in other games). All races are represented in this poster. Pop quiz: How many races are in the poster?! 🤔 FAQs 1) Why is the logo cartoony even though the poster is realistic? Cartoony Logo: As

Reveal: Card Design!

So what do you think about this card design? Post a comment below and let me know - it's easy, no registration, etc. Psst. Next week we'll share our Game Poster with you, are you stoked about it?! I am :)

Say Hello To… Boomrah :)

Hi! As you know, we ran a poll to name our new card game. Our player community voted (by a 14.4% margin over 2nd place Alpha Gemini) for: Boomrah So we're going to start calling it... Boomrah I'd like to thank everyone who voted, including those who voted for the other names! 🙏 And I'm super

What’s Next for Our Card Game

Hi there! Just a quick post to let you know what's next for our game. BTW, did you take our "Name Our Game" poll yet? If not - maybe you should do that first, it'll be closed soon! If you already voted in the poll - thanks, read on to see what's next... 1) Video

5-Point Proposal for New Card Game

Hey! As you probably know, we did a large-scale survey of CCG players (more than 1,000 active players). It showed players have some major frustrations about the top CCGs. Chris and I love to play CCGs ourselves, and our top frustrations are in sync with those of the survey participants. To solve these frustrations, we'd like to propose an idea for

Interesting Results from Our CCG Survey!

Hi there! As you probably know, we did a large-scale survey of CCG players. More than 1,000 active CCG players took the survey. Here are the results :) Very Active Players Most of the survey participants are very active players. 67% play their favorite CCG every day or almost every

So Why Are We Doing This CCG Survey?!

Greetings! Many survey participants asked us why we're running our CCG survey. So I'm writing this short post. Both Chris and I love to play CCGs. But both of us have some major frustrations with the top CCGs. For me personally, 2 big frustrations that totally discourage me from playing a lot even though I