Interesting Results from Our CCG Survey!

Hi there! As you probably know, we did a large-scale survey of CCG players. More than 1,000 active CCG players took the survey. Here are the results 🙂

Very Active Players

Most of the survey participants are very active players.

67% play their favorite CCG every day or almost every day. And another 24% play it once or twice a week.

So this survey provides a good insight into what very active CCG players think of the top CCGs.

Top Frustrations for CCG Players

Here are the top frustrations mentioned by players:

1. Gotta spend lots of $$$ for good deck

46% of players said their top frustration is the high amount of money needed to build/maintain good decks. Selected quotes:

  • “…a new player will still struggle to defeat opponents… You pretty much have to spend real currency or an absurd amount of time to have any type of winning consistency. Some of my friends have ask if I recommend the game for new players and I tell them no.”
  • “… in order to stay competitive one must constantly throw more cash into the game.”
  • “Expansion packs are so expensive and its impossible to grind out all the cards you need for free.”
  • “… there is no way I could recommend this game to others as its… a money sink to barely make a viable deck that will be redundant once newer cards are introduced.”
  • “Fix the pay-to-win component… unless decks are much cheaper/easier to build, it limits the best ranks to only the richest players.”

2. Too much RNG/luck

24% of players said their biggest frustration is the high amount of RNG present in the top CCGs. Selected quotes:

  • “Get rid of so much RNG would be the first thing.”
  • “Minimize on mechanics that are based too-strongly on RNG… As a card game, there is already a portion of the game that can be attributed to luck in the form of card draw.”
  • “… reduce the number of extreme high variance cards. A little bit of RNG is fun, a lot of swingy RNG is tilting.
  • “RNG… will always be present due to the way cards are drawn in the first place, but there should not be cards like where RNG swings the entire game one way or the other with that one card.”
  • “This is a card game, so your draws are 100% based on the RNG algorithm, but a lot of the commonly used cards rely on their own RNG abilities…  The major RNG of specific cards can sway a game one way or the other in an instant. If this continues to be a huge factor, I fear the game will just end up having a complete lack of strategy.”

3. Some cards seem totally unfair

11% of players said their biggest frustration is caused by cards (and decks) that are obviously OP. Selected quotes:

  • “Some cards take the fun completely out of the game.”
  • “Balance updates that occur more frequently. When certain cards force out entire archtypes it isn’t healthy for the game.”
  • “Too many players playing the exact same overpowered cards and decks is simply no fun; and highly discourages new players from joining…”
  • “Implement more frequent balance changes to avoid the spam of OP cards which are also very expensive. A CCG, to me, is more about the strategy of playing other players and less about obtaining every OP card.”
  • “More consistent and more often balance patches, some cards are killing the game can’t you see.”

What These Results Mean To Us

Believe it or not, these survey results are totally in sync with the top frustrations Chris and I personally have!

 Chris’ #1 Frustration:
Gotta spend lots of 💰 for good deck
 My #1 Frustration:
Too much RNG/luck 🎲

As a result, Chris and I have some good ideas (I hope!) to solve these frustrations.

Coming Soon (Thursday): We’ll share the proposal for our new game with you Thursday – for your review & feedback. Keep an eye out, we’re excited to share it with you!

About the Author:

I'm your Game Designer at Able Apes, I live in California. My favorite video games have been puzzles, RTS, and CCG. I love mobile games and SciFi. Thanks for stopping by!

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Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman

Not at all surprised by the number 1 frustration. That’s what I put haha!


#1 is not surprising to me as you can tell from my previous comment on the other post.

However I’m surprised by how high #2 scored. CCG’s seem to push more and more RNG on top of the already existing RNG of card draw. I’m nt sure why.

I’m looking forward to your announcement on Thursday. Good job guys.

Chris T
Chris T

Awesome, I think one of the rng quotes you guys used is mine smile

Chris Madden
Able Apes
Chris Madden



Yes too much money cuz each expansion costs a lot and lot of expansions too.


Nice survey. What’s the difference between 3rd and 4th bars in the chart? Do they have the same root cause?