2v2 Co-op Draft Mode

This page is for the 2v2 Co-op Draft Mode in Cosmic Brawl.

This will work largely similar to the regular Draft Mode – but is played between 2 teams of 2 players each.

The two players in a team will share a life pool. Starting life pool will be 40 – whereas in 1v1 matches, it’s 25.

Draft Phase

In Draft phase, the two players in a team take alternating turns.

The following limits apply to the combined decks of the two players: There will be a total of 16 rounds between the two players.

Other than the points mentioned above, Draft phase will work similar to 1v1 Draft Mode.

Deckbuilding Phase

In Deckbuilding phase, the two players in a team construct their own individual decks (20 cards each) using the combined pool of cards from the Draft phase. The other 8 cards will be discarded.

Match Phase

In Match phase, the two players in a team take their turns together. They share the life pool as well as energy pool for each turn, however do not share the cards – i.e. each player plays his own cards.

A team loses when their life total is reduced to zero or lower.

Other than the points mentioned above, Match phase will work similar to 1v1 Draft Mode.

Got ideas on how to make this Co-op mode better? Please post your ideas using comments below. Let’s define an awesome Co-op mode together…