Card Ideas

This is the page where you can suggest card ideas for Cosmic Brawl.

Suggestion Format

{Race} - {Type} - {Rarity}
E/A/H {Name}

  • E = Energy Cost
  • A = Attack
  • H = Health for Units; Durability for Attachments, Structures

Sol - Unit - Common
2/2/4 Unstable Medic
@Deploy@: Select a friendly unit, restore 3 health or deal 1 damage to it.



Base Stats for Units:

This table is a rough guideline for the base stats of a unit with no card text.

Card Stats:
  • Stick to single-digit numbers for card stats – i.e. between 0 and 9.
  • Reason: Many find it harder to add/subtract larger numbers.
Card Text:
  • Please make sure all the cards you propose have some card text, we don’t want any cards without card text!
  • Maximum length of 80 characters. If you need longer text:
    • It’s probably too complex and should be avoided!
    • Another alternative: Propose a new keyword and use that keyword in card text.
  • Reason: This max length was chosen to achieve good legibility on mobile phone screens.
  • Don’t use tricks like abbreviations, etc to meet this limit! Use plain English only.
  • Use simple language (i.e. 8th grade level is best).
Race-Specific Cards:
  • All cards will be race-specific, i.e. no “neutral” cards.
  • Reason: This will help us give each race a very distinct playstyle.
RNG in Card Effects:
  • RNG in card effects is good, it lends variety and surprise to the game.
    • But it must be used in moderation – like spices in a meal.
  • Please make sure cards do NOT have RNG that:
    • Can often win games outright.
    • Often changes game state disproportionately (vs. card’s cost).
Light-hearted, Wacky Tone:
  • Our game won’t be super-serious, it’ll be light-hearted (funny VOs, wacky card names, etc).
  • If you’re into it – design cards with wacky, light-hearted names/themes.
  • If you’re not into it – that’s totally fine. Focus on designing good cards, we’ll make them light-hearted later on.

Mechanics to Avoid

Alright that’s all the guidelines! 🙂 Post your ideas below, let’s create super-awesome cards for Cosmic Brawl…