Draft Mode

This page is for the Draft Mode in Cosmic Brawl. Thanks to Gregory Weinberg (community) for defining this draft mode. Thanks to Mitch Resk (community) for helping with it.

Draft mode in Cosmic Brawl has 3 phases.

Draft Phase

Draft phase has 12 rounds:

At the end of 12 rounds of drafting – you’ll have 30 cards.

Deckbuilding Phase

After you draft the cards, you enter the Deckbuilding phase.

During this phase, you build a deck of 25 cards from the 30 cards you drafted. The other 5 cards are discarded.

Match Phase

Once you build your deck, you enter the Match phase.

Match phase is structured as a Galaxy Run where you battle in 3 star systems.
  • Star System #1: In star system #1, you try to win battles (PvP matches) in 3 planets before losing 3 lives.
    • If you lose 3 lives before winning 3 battles, your run ends.
    • If you win 3 battles before losing 3 lives, you enter star system #2.
  • Star System #2: This plays out like star system #1.
  • Star System #3: This also plays out like star system #1.
When you conquer all 3 star systems, you win the Galaxy Run.

Got ideas on how to make the draft mode better? Please post your ideas using comments below. Let’s define an awesome draft mode together…