Game Story

Here’s the backstory of the Cosmic Brawl game universe.

A long time from now, in our own galaxy…

Humans (the Sol) have used up resources on Earth, Mars, and the rest of our solar system. Shortages of critical resources (especially water) is imminent, threatening the survival of human race.

But there’s some good news. Mass production of Fuelized Anti-Matter (FAM) has been finally achieved, enabling interstellar travel. Leading nations have come together to explore other star systems in a final bid to save humanity.

Racing against time, Explorer Team 7 found water in Alpha Gemini, a star system 295 trillion miles away. Some of the planets, moons, and asteroids in Alpha Gemini contained massive quantities of water – enough to support human life in our solar system for many millennia.

Brave men and women started colonizing Alpha Gemini, to mine water and ship it back to our solar system. They wanted to save humanity and make great fortunes for themselves.

The first year went well. Then suddenly the native species, human-sized insectoid Aliens (the Naarg), started attacking the water mining colonies. Although they didn’t have any technology or weapons, the aliens attacked in huge numbers overwhelming the humans.

But the humans figured out a clever way to beat back the aliens and gain the upper hand. Just when it looked like the tide was turning, a mysterious race of sentient and very destructive Robots (the Omni) showed up – throwing everything into chaos.

Will the aliens and robots destroy all the water mining colonies, and lead to the extinction of human race in our solar system? Or will the humans fight them off and succeed in saving humanity back home?