In-Game Currencies

Cosmic Brawl has 2 virtual currencies (aka in-game currencies):

Platinum (Soft Currency)

  • You get platinum by just playing the game. By playing more and doing better, you’ll get more platinum.
  • You can use platinum to buy many of the Cosmetics from the in-game Shop, but not all.
  • Platinum is also used to pay the entry fee for Draft mode.

Crystals (Hard Currency)

  • You get crystals mostly via buying it with IRL money, but you also get a small amount by playing the game.
  • You can use crystals to:
    • Eliminate Wait Times when you run out of lives. See Pricing Model for details.
    • Buy all Cosmetics and all Non-Cosmetics from the in-game Shop.
      • Non-Cosmetics include “quality of life” things like extra deck slots, stat tracking, etc.
      • However, Non-Cosmetics do NOT give either player any advantage during a match – so the matches offer both players a level playing field.
    • Pay entry fee for Tournament mode.
  • BTW, selling crystals is how we’ll keep our servers running.
    • P.S. We have to feed an army of gerbils and they eat a lot. But can’t blame them though, they run the servers 24×7 🙂

Related Qs

i) Doesn’t the presence of a ‘hard currency’ make Cosmic Brawl a pay-to-win game?

Definitely not! In Cosmic Brawl, all cards are free – and are available as soon as you download the game. Any items you purchase in our in-game Shop (whether cosmetic, or non-cosmetic) do NOT give you any advantage at all during a match.

As a result, our game is NOT pay-to-win.

It’s a common mistake to think the presence of things to buy with IRL money (such as hard currency) means the game is pay-to-win. But that’s true only if you can buy a gameplay advantage (such as better cards, etc) that’ll help you during a match. In Cosmic Brawl, it’s not possible to do this.