How will the game make money?

Short answer: By selling Crystals.

What are Crystals used for? Read on…

Crystals can be used for the following purposes.

1) Eliminate Wait Time

Crystals are used to eliminate wait times when you run out of lives. See Pricing Model for details on this.

2) Buy Cosmetics

Items like Heroes, Card backs, Card fronts, Boards, etc.

3) Buy Non-Cosmetics

These items are not cosmetic, but also don’t give either player an advantage during a match. For example:
  • Extra deck slots (i.e. build one more deck)
  • Stats tracking
  • etc.
IMPORTANT: Non-Cosmetic items do NOT give either player any advantage during a match, so Cosmic Brawl is NOT pay-to-win.

4) Enter Tournaments

Crystals are used to pay entry fee for Tournament mode.

Related Qs

i) Don’t these Non-Cosmetic items make Cosmic Brawl a pay-to-win game?

Definitely not! In Cosmic Brawl, all cards are free – and are available as soon as you download the game. Any items you purchase in the in-game Shop (whether cosmetic, or non-cosmetic) do NOT give you any advantage at all during a match.

As a result, Cosmic Brawl is definitely NOT pay-to-win.