Pricing Model

This article describes the pricing models for Cosmic Brawl. These are *not* set in stone, and will be tweaked all the way through beta. Post a comment and let us know your thoughts/suggestions to improve these models, but first please make sure to read this post and discussions.

Pricing Models

Here are the pricing models for the various game modes in Cosmic Brawl.

Constructed (Ranked, Causal)

Wait-to-play mechanic based on Lives.
We’ve refined this model based on great ideas from our community – including Seth Feldhouse, Daniel Aguirre, Riley Kass, Warren, Gregory Weinberg, Griffin, Tre Kenley, Zach, Tahir, Noe, Trazer, JayJay1401, RedKing16, J Fonda, IAmNotJosh, Guest (and many others, sorry if I missed crediting you by name) – thanks guys!
You’ll have 3 lives to start with. Each match you lose, you lose 1 life. You earn a life every hour, but you cannot have more than 3 lives.
  • Streaks:
    • If you have a winning streak of 3 matches, 1 life will refill for free.
    • If you lose the first 3 matches of the day, 1 life will refill for free.
  • Max Lives:
    • You can increase the max lives from 3 to 4 with a one-time purchase.
    • Likewise, you can increase it from 4 to 5 with a one-time purchase.
  • Boost:
    • Boosting increases the speed at which you earn lives to 4x normal speed – i.e. earn a life every 15 minutes.
    • You can boost for 2 hours using Crystals. The cost of crystals needed to do this will be around $0.50.
If you run out of lives, you can buy a life using Crystals (cost around $0.15) or simply wait until a life is refilled.

Draft Mode (1v1, 2v2)

Entry fee using Platinum. No wait-to-play mechanic.

Tournament Mode

Entry fee using Crystals. No wait-to-play mechanic.


1) Is there a game mode I can play when waiting for lives to refill, if I don’t have Crystals?

If you don’t have Crystals to get new lives, you can play the following Constructed matches while lives refill:
  • Challenge matches vs. friends
  • Challenge matches vs. guildmates
  • Practice matches vs. AI
Plus, you can also play Draft mode, which has an entry fee in Platinum but doesn’t require lives or Crystals.

2) Players who spend money can play more matches. Doesn’t this make Cosmic Brawl Pay-to-Win (P2W)?

Spending money helps players to play more matches in a given time period. It doesn’t give them any advantage during a match. So Cosmic Brawl is definitely *not* P2W.

Plus, our ladder system will be weighted heavily towards win rate, rather than just cumulative wins. For example, a player with 500-400 win-loss record will rank ahead of a player with 1000-1500 win-loss record.

Also our Ranked Season will be 3-months long. As a result, players who don’t spend money can easily play enough games to reach the top rank in the ladder – if they’re highly skilled and have a high win rate. For example:
  • Let’s assume a player with 70% win rate.
  • This means the player can play, on average, 10 matches a day (assuming 1 evening session per day) without any wait and without spending any money/crystals.
    • Assuming 2 sessions per day (sessions separated by 3 hours so the lives will refill) –  then it’s 20 matches a day without any wait and without spending any money/crystals.
  • This adds up to 900-1800 matches in a season, which is more than sufficient to reach the top rank.
As a result, Cosmic Brawl is definitely *not* P2W.

3) Players who spend money can play more matches. Doesn’t this make Cosmic Brawl Pay-to-Play?

Pay-to-play is a term used by the industry media to refer to games where there’s an upfront fee. Pay-to-play is *not* used to refer to games which are free to download, free to play, but include some form of wait-to-play mechanic.

4) New players will be frustrated if they have to wait after losing just 3 games. Isn’t this a major problem?

New players will get a good amount of free Crystals, enough to buy more than 30 lives. As a result, new players can play a large number of games without any wait.

5) How can streamers play Cosmic Brawl if there’s a wait time?

For established streamers, we’ll make a special arrangement that eliminates wait time, provides in-game promotion, etc. Streamers can contact us for further details.

6) Why would anyone play Cosmic Brawl which has wait-to-play, when they can play the top CCGs that allow unlimited play?

Top CCGs are Pay-to-Win games, where players who spend money get the best cards and the best decks. In Cosmic Brawl, all the cards are free and available as soon as you download the game.

Players who can’t spend any money:
  • Can play unlimited matches in other CCGs with substandard decks and get their heads bashed in, over and over, by those who spent money and have the best decks!
  • Can play 6 matches every session in Cosmic Brawl with *all* the cards without any wait (assuming 50% win rate). No disadvantage against those who spent money. Can play additional matches after a wait.
Players who spend money:
  • Can play unlimited matches in other CCGs with only a handful of great decks, in most cases.
  • Can play unlimited matches in Cosmic Brawl with *all* the great decks.