Resource Mechanic

Cosmic Brawl uses an innovative Resource mechanic. We believe it’s better than the resource mechanics used in other card games. It’s based on an idea by Michael Duncan from our community.

How It Works

Energy is the resource in our game – it’s like mana or land in other card games. In Cosmic Brawl – Energy starts at 1, and goes up automatically. But it doesn’t go up every turn – it goes up every 3 turns. And it’s capped at 4.


  1. Mitigates the “On curve advantage” problem seen in resource mechanic that goes up 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.
  2. Avoids “mana screw” problem seen in resource mechanic that relies on special cards to gain mana.
  3. Creates more interesting, skill-based decisions.
  4. Reduces the impact of card draw RNG.

First Turn Advantage (FTA)

In turn-based card games, the player who goes first has an advantage – this is called First Turn Advantage (FTA). Card games use various mechanics to compensate for FTA. Cosmic Brawl compensates for FTA as follows:
  • Player who goes first will get the following energy during his first 10 turns: 111-222-333-4.
  • Player who goes second will get the following energy during his first 10 turns: 11-222-333-44.
  • i.e. Player 1 gets the advantage to play first in the 1 mana bracket – whereas Player 2 gets the advantage to play first in the 2, 3, and 4 mana brackets. (This verbiage inspired by Mitch’s comment).