Tournament Mode

This page is about the Tournament Mode in Cosmic Brawl.


Tournament mode in Cosmic Brawl will use the Sit-N-Go format. Read on for details.

League Based

There will be separate Sit-N-Go tournaments for each ranked league. This will ensure players compete with opponents of roughly equal skill, while enjoying the thrill of playing in tournaments.

How Does Sit-N-Go Work?

You can play in a tournament anytime, 24 x 7. Whenever you want to play in a tournament:
  • You simply click the Play button,
  • Select “Tournament Mode”,
  • Then select 3 decks – one per race.
This will place you in a “Waitlist” for a tournament in your league. Once there are 8 players – the tournament will start. Assuming Cosmic Brawl becomes popular, we expect the wait to be no more than a few minutes.

Each match in a tournament is a Best-of-3, single elimination. If you defeat 3 opponents, you win the tournament.

Now you can enjoy the thrill of tournaments anytime, vs. players of your skill level. Sound awesome? Heck yeah! 🙂

Got Qs or suggestions to improve our tournament mode? Post a comment below…